It's time to party! Have your diploma framed.

Obtaining your diploma is something you can be proud of, a moment that you won't just forget. So then what do you do with your diploma? Frame it of course!


Have your diploma framed!


How does the process work?

1. We collect the diploma at your home.

2. You choose a frame for your diploma.

3. The diploma is framed professionally.

4. We deliver the final result back to you at home!

have your diploma framed!

Choose your favorite frame!


Do you already know where you will hang the framed diploma in your house?

There are of course many different places in your home that you are considering. Obtaining your diploma is something that you are proud of, something you have invested a lot of time and energy in and of which you have many wonderful memories.

How nice is it then to think back on that once in a while in the future. Therefore, hang your framed diploma in a place where you often go and think back to your great achievement!

And if you can't figure it out, just contact us!