How do you choose a painting?

Interior Tips

Nothing is more fun than to cheer up your living room, bedroom or yes, sometimes even a toilet, and make it your own with one or more paintings. Since it can occasionally be difficult to determine which painting you should choose, we offer you a number of tips below.

Match character

and theme


The most important tip in choosing the style and theme of your painting: avoid cultivated, inexpensive clichés. For many, it is tempting to throw the standard repertoire into your shopping basket in furniture stores: the New York skyline, a Buddha head, Audrey Hepburn's profile in Breakfast At Tiffany's... leave those behind.

In terms of theme, it is a good tip to think about images that make you happy with a direct reference to your preferences. Everyone has their own taste. For example: a close-up of a Masai warrior fits well with someone who loves traveling and cultures. An idyllic harbor town fits in with a serene atmosphere, a bustling city evening with party goers, a historic naval battle with antiques lovers and an abstract whole with brightly colored lines is ideal for people who want to give their interior a progressive and modern look. Make sure that visitors to your home can reconcile the theme with your character.

A frame

emphasizes the impact of the image

Golden Frame

Frames are underrated, but really important components. Ideally, the frame does not divert attention from the painting and emphasizes the impact of the image. A subtle, inconspicuous image does not thrive under a striking frame.

In general, the frame must of course fit with the interior. An oak frame fits better in a rural interior than in a room where many unnatural materials such as steel and plastic can be found. However, this image proves that a contrast can also turn out well.

In this modern interior, striking, baroque frames were deliberately chosen to contrast. In this case choose two styles that are totally different, so that it becomes clear that the difference is precisely the intention.

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