How to make a gallery wall?

Fabulous: a wall with frames that you can fill with precious pictures, appealing sketches, or even poignant quotes. A gallery fits into any interior because it allows you to create a wall to suit your own personal taste.

This is how you create

nice combinations


Where do you begin putting together a collection of frames? The starting point would be a work of art or photograph that you would like to have on the wall. Additional photographs, quotes, beautiful prints and other works of art can be subsequently chosen and added to complement the original piece. Pay particular attention to the use of color. Does the initial work of art have a colour that stands out, or is it in black and white? If it has a predominant colour, make sure that the colour is reflected regularly in the other items added to the gallery wall, so that everything flows and forms a beautiful whole.

You can use different frames in different sizes and shades. This will result in a dynamic, playful wall. If you're going for something a little more tranquil, choose a single type of frame in different sizes. Still serene, but with variety. To get a super-sleek effect, go for a specific type of frame in one size.

A gallery wall is a bit like a puzzle. Work out the pieces of the puzzle before you drill the holes in the wall and hang the frames. Do this by tracing out and cutting paper shapes (using old newspapers or wrapping paper) into the sizes of the various frames. Place your puzzle pieces on the floor and move them around until you’re satisfied with the composition. Always keep the same amount of space between the frames.

Don't be shy to

hang those crazy works of art!


The nice thing about a gallery wall is that literally anything goes. From small to large frames, from square to round shapes. Different frames, shapes and sizes can be endlessly combined and played around with. Think carefully about what kind of look you're going for. Are you going for sleek and modern? Then choose frames with straight lines in one color. Are you going for an eclectic or vintage look? Then many different types of frames in various colors and shapes will do the trick.

Once you have finished selecting and collecting all your prints, photographs and picture frames, you’re ready to start creating your own gallery wall. A handy way to figure out where to hang each frame is by first sticking the outlines of the frames onto the wall with masking tape or paper. This lets you see if the frames are in the right position before hanging everything and then finding out you've made a mistake. This is an easy way to visualize the gallery wall beforehand. Another advantage is that you can regularly replace paintings, giving your wall a whole new look.

Everything becomes more beautiful with a Gallery wall! Charley
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