Peek inside with Jet

Interior stylist

Who doesn't want to take a look at someone else's house to get a good dosis of inspiration? The last couple of months we have come into contact with various interior bloggers, fashion bloggers and artists to see where and how they actually live and work. Today we went to Jet van Basten Batenburg, interior stylist.

Interior stylist

Introduce yourself, who are you?


I am Jet, the mother of four children. The five of us live with our two Dutch Smous dogs in Amsterdam Oud West. Three floors at the back, without a lift, I always say. I attended the Amsterdam School of Arts and was trained as a theatre-maker and drama teacher.

I have been working as an interior designer now for several years. For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in houses and how they are decorated. I always had a preference for older houses, preferably dilapidated and overgrown by bramble bushes! I enjoyed sketching houses and frequently used to change my room around.

When I was a child, I had no idea that you could actually make a career out of it. When I was still creating performances, the décor and design of a theatre production was just as important to me as, for example, directing the piece. Later on, renovating became my favourite occupation and I eventually turned it into a profession. Here, everything comes together.

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What does being creative

mean to you?


To me, being creative is to “rearrange reality”, to shape things in the way that you see it. Beautifying your immediate home environment is also a creative process. I also like to write and really love gardening, although I don't have a garden at the moment.

My house is a collection of things that I have accumulated from previous homes, set out differently, mixed in with a bit of design and with old, even antique pieces. A lot is still in storage, Sometimes, I go shopping in my own container...

I like grouping paintings and objects together, like still lifes. Or hanging things on a coat rack. Beautiful things that you can showcase, that make a home come alive.

What is your favorite place

in the house?


My attic bedroom floor with its fireplace, white beams, en suite bathroom and dressing room. The attic is my favorite place in the whole house. I would still like to have a roof terrace, fortunately permission has already been granted.

The livingroom
The kitchen
Jet in her kitchen
Details in the bedroom
The bedroom
I am always inspired by professionals who can make things with their hands Jet