Verno for Artists

We have listed all our advantages especially for you, so that you can easily and quickly see at a glance what Verno can offer you!

All our advantages

for artists


1. Customized frames
We ensure you are not limited to standard sizes. Since we have our own workshop in addition to our shop, we immediately tailor the frames for you. So whatever size your photo has, we will quickly and professionally create the desired custom frame. Without extra costs.

2. Online overview of frames
You will find an overview of our frames in our online shop. Including good photos and specifications.

3. Shop and workshop in Cruquius, near Haarlem
Come and visit our shop and take a look at our workshop! Parking is easy and free (on site). We will be happy to show you the frames whilst we enjoy a cup of coffee.

4. Ordering a sample
Do you have a frame in mind, but first want to make sure it fits the photo? Then order a sample. Are you considering different frames? Then order multiple samples, so that you can place them next to the photos and in that way properly determine which one fits best before you place the real order.

5. Be the first to know about new frames
As a photographer, you will be informed immediately about new frames and interesting promotions.

6. Print & Frame
Take advantage of this unique service: You choose the list and whether you want a passe-partout around it. We will print your photo on high-quality semi-glossy photo paper and frame it for you. Simple, professional and fast!

8. Include a passe-partout?
Choose one of our popular colors and let us know the desired width of your passe-partout. Our professional craftsmen cut the passe-partout to the right size and put it behind the glass and in the frame!

9. Personal contact
We will gladly answer your questions, supply new orders and provide other information quickly and properly. That is why you receive a direct telephone number and e-mail address from us, so that we can provide you with the best possible service.

Interested? Please contact our Sales Manager Suzan Broersen on +31 (0)23 5286779 or [email protected]



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